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The first thing people do when searching for a photo canvas is they usually go to their local Walmart to see their prices for cheap photo canvas prints. We’ve seen many many people order far better quality photo canvas prints from some of their local vendors in Toronto Canada. Not just in Canada for photo canvas prints but also online from many well known photo canvas specialists such as Some of their prices just can’t be beat as they usually have large 16″x20″ photo canvases for around $20 each or $39 for two of them! Yes these are actually real photo canvases that are ready to hang and mounted on a thick 1.5″ frame. The canvas prints are great and they have an easy online ordering system that is safe and secure. Shipping is $20 or $15 depending on where you live. But if your lucky enough to live in Toronto or in Markham, Canada than you can pick up at their office in Toronto.

Canvas prints comes in different shapes and sizes. The main thing you should look for when selecting a canvas print company is if the company itself produces it in house or do they outsource the work. If they outsource the work you may as well try and find that company that outsources it. Most company nowadays sell retail and wholesale. Second thing you should look for is if the photo canvas print is mounted on a sturdy thick frame. Most companies now try and up sell you on purchasing a thin canvas frame mounted and then try and get you on purchasing the thick upgrade for an extra 40% more. So do yourself a favor and ask if the canvas is mounted on a thick frame around 1.5″ in depth. The third thing to look for is their return policy, if they have a good return policy than no need to worry because if the colors are off the company should reprint or issue you a refund.

Happy hunting for your photo to canvas or canvases in Canada :).