postheadericon Custom Flags In Canada

It’s almost June and in about a months time it will be Canada day! A large yearly celebration birthday of Canada. For those of you who have ever been to downtown Ottawa during the 1st of July its an experience that you’ll never forget. Picture hundreds of thousands of people in the downtown area holding Canadian custom flags. There was a statistic in local newspaper that mentioned that about 68% of people were holding a Canadian flag on Canada day or a custom flag that resembled the red and white flag.  Finding these flags prior to Canada day can save you a lot of money especially if your new to the city and purchasing flags from a local shop. A custom Canadian flag could run you about $30-50 for a large 3’x5′ custom Canadian flag. If you plan ahead of time you can purchase these custom made flags from an online vendor or from amazon or ebay. The only issue with Amazon or Ebay is that most of the sellers are from the USA and I’ve been charged extra taxes or duties because it came from the US.

So get prepared and ready for Canada day!

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